Community Cat Mondays!  $25 Spay/Neuter/Rabies/Ear Tip
We are excited to provide this much needed assistance to those who are out there on the front lines trying their best to stop the endless cycle of breeding present in our community cat colonies. This special service is only for strays (friendly, homeless cats with no owner) or feral (wild cats which you are unable to pet or handle). If you bring your community cats to the clinic on Mondays, you will enjoy the ability to get the kitty spay/neutered, rabies vaccinated, and ear tipped for only $25!!! Feral (wild) cats must come in a trap for the safety of the cat and our staff. Friendly strays in size-appropriate carriers. This special is for MONDAYS ONLY, see below for community cat schedule for the rest of the week!
Community Cats
Operation Spay Bay knows that there is a feral cat overpopulation in Bay and surrounding counties. So our goal is to humanely decrease the number of unwanted cats and kittens in our community. In order to do so we have made it as easy as possible for local individuals and groups to get low cost and convenient spay/neuter surgeries.

Click here  to learn more about feral cats and the theory of Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR).

What's the Process?

1. Call us at (850) 215-1022.  No appointments are necessary since it's not easy to predict when you'll catch the cat. Simply walk in with your trapped feral cat as follows. Calling ahead is not necessary.

- Monday ---- accepted until 4:00 pm (discounted Community Cat Monday price)
- Tuesday ---- accepted until 4:00 pm (regular price)
- Wednesday ---- accepted until 4:00 pm (regular price)
- Thursday ---- No walk-ins 
- Friday - Sunday ---- closed!

2. Trap the cat(s) and bring them to us.
For the safety of the cat and our staff, all feral cats must come in a humane, live-release trap. Operation Spay Bay has traps available to rent for deposit which is fully refundable when you return the trap.
Withhold food the night prior to surgery if the cat is over four months of age. Any cat under four months can have food up until 5:30 a.m. the day of their surgery. Always provide fresh water for cats regardless of age. 

3. All patients will receive a spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination and ear tip. 
Cats' left ears will be tipped for future identification that they have been sterilized and vaccinated for rabies.

4. As there is no appointment necessary, we do reserve the right to delay the surgery of ferals until the next day, dependent on the surgery schedule.

Why Doesn't Removing Cats From an Area Work?
Cats choose their territories for a variety of reasons. Usually it’s because of a food source or the shelter an area provides. Removing cats doesn’t address whatever drew the cats to the area in the first place, so new cats will move in, or the few remaining cats will breed again to capacity. We’ve seen communities that have spent lots of money rounding up and removing all the cats, only to have a new group move in a year or two later, and continue producing more unwanted kittens! Fixing them is the answer!